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The wonderful village of Bibury is 638 years old

Bibury-"the most beautiful village in England"

Bibury is indeed a charming village in Gloucestershire, England, known for its picturesque Cotswold stone cottages and quaint setting. While the exact age of the village can be challenging to determine precisely, historical records suggest that Bibury has a long and rich history.

The mention of Bibury can be traced back several centuries. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, a survey of England completed in 1086, which indicates that Bibury had a mill and fisheries. Arlington Row, a row of weavers’ cottages in Bibury, dates back to the 17th century and is often considered one of the most photographed scenes in the Cotswolds.

While the village itself may not be precisely 638 years old, its history and heritage certainly span many centuries. The age of Bibury adds to its appeal, attracting visitors who appreciate its historical charm and architectural beauty.

Bibury is often celebrated for its well-preserved architecture, which reflects different periods in English history. The village is situated on the River Coln and has a church, St. Mary’s, which dates back to the 11th century. The church is known for its medieval wall paintings and unique architecture, contributing to the historical character of Bibury.

Arlington Row, mentioned earlier, is a notable landmark in Bibury. These picturesque weavers’ cottages were built in 1380 as a monastic wool store and were later converted into cottages in the 17th century. The row is now a Grade I-listed building and attracts tourists from around the world.

Bibury gained further fame when the artist and designer William Morris declared it to be the most beautiful village in England. Morris was instrumental in popularizing the Arts and Crafts Movement in the late 19th century, and his endorsement helped bring attention to Bibury’s aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the village is surrounded by the Bibury Trout Farm, established in 1902, which is one of the oldest trout farms in the world. The farm allows visitors to see and feed the fish, which adds to the overall experience of visiting Bibury.

Bibury’s age, combined with its architectural and natural beauty, contributes to its status as one of the quintessential Cotswold villages and a popular destination for those seeking a glimpse into England’s historic charm.


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