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Old stove. Made in Scranton ,Pennsylvania.

May be an image of drill press and foundry

It sounds like you have an old stove that was manufactured in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Stoves made in Scranton could be from various manufacturers that were once based in the area. Scranton has a history of being a hub for coal mining and manufacturing, so it’s possible that the stove is associated with the coal industry.

If you provide more specific information about the stove, such as the brand name or any model numbers, I may be able to help you gather more details about its history or provide information on similar stoves from that region. Keep in mind that vintage stoves, especially those with a regional or historical connection, can sometimes be of interest to collectors or enthusiasts.

If you have more details about the stove, it would be helpful in identifying its specific history and providing more information. Here are some additional questions that might help:

Brand Name: Do you know the brand name of the stove? Some manufacturers from the Scranton area include the Scranton Stove Works and the Vulcan Stove Company.Model Number: If there’s a model number on the stove, it could provide insights into the type and features of the stove.Fuel Type: Is the stove designed to burn wood, coal, gas, or another fuel type? This information can also be crucial in understanding its use and history.Appearance: Can you describe the appearance of the stove? For example, is it a cast iron stove, what color is it, and are there any distinctive features?

Any Markings or Labels: Check for any markings, labels, or tags on the stove that might provide additional information about its origin, manufacturing date, or specifications.Condition: The overall condition of the stove can also give clues about its age and history. Is it in working condition, or is it more of a decorative piece?

Once you provide more details, I’ll do my best to help you learn more about your old stove from Scranton, Pennsylvania.


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