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Midhope Castle aka “Lallybroch”

May be an image of the Cotswolds and castle

Midhope Castle, located in Scotland, is a 16th-century tower house that has gained popularity in recent years due to its association with the television series “Outlander.” The castle is also known by its fictional name in the series, “Lallybroch,” which serves as the family home for the main character, Jamie Fraser.

Key points about Midhope Castle, or Lallybroch:

Location: Midhope Castle is situated on the Hopetoun Estate near South Queensferry, west of Edinburgh. It is part of a private estate, and access to the interior of the castle is restricted, but visitors can view it from the outside.Architecture: The castle is a typical example of a Scottish tower house, featuring a rectangular plan with four stories. It has a distinctive crow-stepped gable and a corbelled parapet. While it fell into disrepair over the years, efforts have been made to stabilize and preserve the structure.Outlander Connection: The castle gained widespread recognition as the fictional Lallybroch in the “Outlander” book series by Diana Gabaldon, which was later adapted into a successful television series. Lallybroch is depicted as the ancestral home of Jamie Fraser, the series’ protagonist.Filming Location: Midhope Castle serves as a prominent filming location for “Outlander.” Its appearance as Lallybroch in the series has attracted fans of the show to visit the castle and its surroundings.Visitor Access: While the exterior of Midhope Castle is accessible to visitors, it’s important to note that the interior is not open to the public. The castle has become a popular tourist destination, and fans of “Outlander” often visit to capture the atmosphere of Jamie Fraser’s fictional home.Hopetoun House: Midhope Castle is located on the larger Hopetoun Estate, which includes the grand Hopetoun House. The estate has been featured in “Outlander” as well, representing the Duke of Sandringham’s residence.

If you’re a fan of “Outlander” or interested in Scottish history and architecture, visiting Midhope Castle/Lallybroch can be an exciting experience. It’s advisable to check for any access restrictions and visitor information before planning a visit, as the castle is part of a private estate.

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