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Saint Francisville, Louisiana

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Saint Francisville is a historic town located in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, United States. It is situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River, approximately 30 miles north of Baton Rouge, the state capital. The town is known for its well-preserved antebellum architecture, historic plantations, and scenic beauty.

Some key points about Saint Francisville:

History: Saint Francisville has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. It played a role in the Civil War and is home to several historic sites and structures.

Historic District: The town’s historic district features a collection of well-preserved buildings from the 19th century, including churches, homes, and commercial buildings. The area is known for its charming Southern architecture.

Rosedown Plantation State Historic Site: One of the notable attractions in Saint Francisville is the Rosedown Plantation, a former cotton plantation dating back to the 1830s. The site includes a historic mansion, beautiful gardens, and various outbuildings.

Myrtles Plantation: Another famous plantation in the area is the Myrtles Plantation, known for its alleged haunted history. It is often referred to as one of the most haunted homes in America.

Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge: Located nearby, Cat Island is a wildlife refuge that provides opportunities for outdoor activities such as bird watching and hiking.

Annual Audubon Pilgrimage: The town hosts the Annual Audubon Pilgrimage, celebrating the life and work of John James Audubon, the renowned naturalist and painter, who spent time in the area during the early 19th century.

Saint Francisville is a popular destination for history enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and those seeking a glimpse into the antebellum South. The town’s picturesque surroundings and well-maintained historic sites make it a charming place to visit.


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