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Abandoned Villa Zanelli, built in 1907! Savona, Italy.

May be an image of castle

The Villa Zanelli, located in Savona, Italy, is a historic building with a rich history. Here are some key points about the abandoned Villa Zanelli:

Construction: Villa Zanelli was built in 1907 by the architect Gino Coppedè. It was commissioned by the Zanelli family, who were prominent in the industrial and commercial sectors in the region.Architectural Style: The villa is known for its eclectic architectural style, combining various influences, including Art Nouveau and Liberty style. The design is characterized by decorative elements, curved lines, and intricate details.Historical Significance: Over the years, Villa Zanelli has been witness to various historical events. It was initially used as a residence for the Zanelli family and later served different purposes, including being a hotel during World War II.Abandonment: Unfortunately, Villa Zanelli has been abandoned for many years, and its current state may be in disrepair. Abandoned buildings can be subject to decay and neglect over time.Cultural Heritage: The villa is considered a cultural heritage site due to its architectural significance and historical connections. Efforts to preserve or restore such buildings are often important for maintaining a connection to the past.

If you plan to visit or learn more about Villa Zanelli, it is advisable to check with local authorities, historical preservation groups, or tourism offices for the latest information on the villa’s condition and any ongoing preservation efforts. Keep in mind that entering abandoned buildings can be unsafe and is often discouraged due to potential structural hazards.

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