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Abandoned Villa in Angervilliers, France

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Hurepoix country, just a leisurely thirty-six kilometers southwest of the bustling streets of Paris, lies the magnificent Château d’Angervilliers. This historical marvel, situated in the charming commune of Angervilliers within the department of Essonne and the Île-de-France region, beckons visitors with its timeless allure and rich heritage. Believed to have been erected in the nineteenth century under the stewardship of Elizabeth Angervilliers, a distinguished lady of Fleury Beauce, this castle has stood as a testament to elegance and grandeur throughout the ages. Once her esteemed residence, the château now serves as a symbol of community pride and preservation.

In a heartwarming display of commitment to heritage conservation, the town of Angervilliers took ownership of the estate in 1983, acquiring it from Mr. Leven. Determined to restore its former glory and ensure its enduring legacy, the municipality embarked on a journey to revitalize this architectural gem for the benefit of the local community. A focal point of this restoration effort is the exquisite orangery, a marvel of architectural splendor dating back to 1682. Adorned with French roofs and boasting an elegant H-shaped design, this timeless structure has been lovingly repurposed to house the town hall and a versatile multipurpose room. Within its walls, echoes of history mingle with the vibrant spirit of modern community life.

Henri Marret: Décorations du Manoir d'Angervillers

However, the charm of Château d’Angervilliers extends beyond its grand halls and manicured gardens. At its heart lies the former dovecote, nestled within the courtyard shared with the ancient castle. This historic treasure, once a symbol of wealth and prestige, now serves as a beacon of cultural enrichment, housing the offices of the municipal library. Here, amidst centuries-old walls, the literary legacy of the town finds a home, fostering a love for learning and creativity among its inhabitants.

In recognition of its significance, the facade of both the orangery and the dovecote were bestowed with the prestigious status of historical monuments by decree on the 21st of October, 1985. This designation not only honors their architectural significance but also underscores the commitment of the community to safeguarding their cherished heritage for generations to come. As visitors meander through the corridors of Château d’Angervilliers and wander amidst its verdant gardens, they are transported back in time, enveloped in an ambiance of timeless beauty and cultural richness. Here, amidst the whispers of history and the laughter of children at play, the spirit of Angervilliers lives on, a testament to the enduring allure of France’s storied past.

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