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Abandoned F.W. Kпox Villa In Coudersport, Pennsylvania

Standing proudly on Main Street since 1880, Old Hickory-F.W. Knox Villa whispers stories of its fascinating past. Built for prominent lawyer Franklin W. Knox, the Italianate villa served as a grand residence, witnessing the comings and goings of a prominent family. Yet, its journey doesn’t end there.

From a family home, it transformed into the Old Hickory Tavern, becoming a haven for weary travelers and locals seeking camaraderie. Laughter and lively conversations once filled its walls, creating a vibrant hub within the community. Later, under the ownership of the Rigas family, it dreamed of welcoming guests again as a charming bed and breakfast, but fate had other plans.

Years passed, and the villa drifted through various owners, its potential veiled by time. Then, in 2016, Holly Mauser entered the story. Though she was not a native of Couderport, she carried a deep connection to the town, nurtured by countless cherished memories. As she strolled down Main Street, a familiar sight caught her eye—the “For Sale” sign hanging on Old Hickory. It was a serendipitous encounter, and despite the high demand, Holly’s determination saw her secure the villa after a month.

Stepping inside, she embarked on a journey not just of renovation but of honoring the villa’s rich legacy. Each painstaking restoration meticulously preserved the original character. The 5,070-square-foot structure, crafted with locally sourced wood, boasts a magnificent 55-foot oak tower offering breathtaking views of downtown Couderport. Inside, grand high ceilings, cozy parlors, and numerous bay windows whisper tales of a bygone era.

For Holly, restoring Old Hickory is a passion project. She envisions it breathing life back into the community, serving as a venue for intimate gatherings or inviting guests as a charming bed and breakfast. “It’d be perfect for a girls’ weekend,” she muses, picturing ladies enjoying local shops, antiquing, and sharing heartwarming moments within the villa’s historic walls.

The project continues with the revival of the side porch, adding a touch of yesteryear charm and inviting outdoor gatherings. As restoration progresses, one can almost hear the whispers of bygone laughter and chatter returning to the villa.

Old Hickory-F.W. Knox Villa is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a testament to Couderport’s history and a symbol of its vibrant future. Under Holly’s dedicated hand, the villa prepares to not only regain its past glory but also create new chapters filled with laughter, community, and heartwarming memories. The story of Old Hickory continues, and its future promises to be just as captivating as its past.


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