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Women bought 200 year old flat and found a hidden… VIDEO 2

In a tale that seems plucked straight from the pages of a mystery novel, a couple recently stumbled upon a remarkable discovery after purchasing a 200-year-old flat. Nestled beneath the stairs of their historic residence lay a hidden door leading to an enigmatic secret room, shrouded in the veil of time and mystery. The story began innocuously enough when John and Sarah, the new homeowners, embarked on the journey of restoring their vintage abode to its former glory. Little did they know that their restoration project would unravel a clandestine chapter of the flat’s history. As the couple delved deeper into the restoration process, they noticed peculiarities in the layout of their home. A slight protrusion beneath the staircase caught their attention, sparking curiosity and prompting them to investigate further. Armed with a sense of adventure and a flashlight, they ventured into the unknown.

@erincloudy Guys im sorry im sorry!!! So my flat is ‘basement flat’ there has been no mention of anything underneath me, verbally or on the deeds. We were curious about storage under the stairs and decided to take a look. #flat #part2 #renovation #renovationproject #explore #fy #fyp #fightmilk ♬ original sound – Erin Cloudy

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