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Nicolas Cage’s Private Castle

Nicolas Cage’s private castle, often referred to as the “LaLaurie Mansion” or “Midford Castle,” is an impressive estate located in Middletown, Rhode Island. Here’s a glimpse into this unique property:

Location and History: Midford Castle is situated on an extensive estate overlooking the ocean in Middletown, Rhode Island. Built in 1855, the castle exudes grandeur and historic charm, reminiscent of European castles of the era.

Nicolas Cage Ownership: Acclaimed actor Nicolas Cage purchased Midford Castle in 2007 for a reported sum of $15.7 million. Cage was drawn to the property’s architectural significance and its secluded yet picturesque location.

Castle Features: Midford Castle boasts a wealth of luxurious amenities and unique features befitting its royal heritage. Spread across 24,000 square feet, the castle includes numerous bedrooms, living areas, and entertainment spaces. It also features a grand ballroom, a library, and even a secret underground passage.

Restoration and Renovation: During Cage’s ownership, there were reports of extensive restoration and renovation efforts to restore the castle to its former glory while incorporating modern comforts and conveniences. Cage’s personal touches and eclectic tastes were evident throughout the property.

Sale and Current Status: After owning the castle for several years, Nicolas Cage reportedly faced financial difficulties and was forced to sell the property. The castle was listed for sale in 2009 for $15.9 million but underwent several price reductions over the years. It eventually sold in 2011 for a significantly lower price.

Legacy and Cultural Significance: While Nicolas Cage’s ownership of Midford Castle garnered attention due to his celebrity status, the castle itself remains a notable landmark in Rhode Island’s architectural landscape. Its rich history, elegant design, and stunning surroundings continue to captivate visitors and admirers alike.

Though Nicolas Cage’s ownership of Midford Castle has come to an end, the legacy of this remarkable estate endures as a testament to the enduring allure of castles and the enduring fascination with celebrity-owned properties.

It appears there might be some confusion. Nicolas Cage did indeed own a castle-like property in Middletown, Rhode Island, but it was not the “LaLaurie Mansion.” Instead, it was a property known as the “Grey Craig Castle” or “Midford Castle.”

Here’s more information about it:

Grey Craig Castle: The castle-like property, often referred to as Grey Craig Castle, is located in Middletown, Rhode Island, and is sometimes also known as Midford Castle. It was built in 1855 and is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture.

Ownership by Nicolas Cage: Nicolas Cage purchased Grey Craig Castle in 2007 for a reported sum of $15.7 million. He was drawn to the property’s unique architecture, expansive grounds, and oceanfront location.

Features and Renovations: Grey Craig Castle spans over 24,000 square feet and features numerous bedrooms, living spaces, and luxurious amenities. During Cage’s ownership, there were reports of extensive renovations to restore and enhance the property.

Financial Challenges and Sale: Nicolas Cage faced financial difficulties, and in 2009, Grey Craig Castle was listed for sale for $15.9 million. After several price reductions, it eventually sold in 2011 for a lower price.

Legacy: While Cage’s ownership of Grey Craig Castle brought attention to the property, it remains a significant architectural landmark in Rhode Island. Its Gothic Revival design, coupled with its oceanfront setting, continues to captivate those who admire historic homes and castles.

Grey Craig Castle, or Midford Castle, as it is sometimes called, holds a place in both Rhode Island’s architectural history and the lore surrounding Nicolas Cage’s property ownership.

It seems there’s a bit of confusion here. Nicolas Cage did own a castle-like property, but it wasn’t in Middletown, Rhode Island. Instead, he owned the historic LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a brief period.

Here’s some information about Nicolas Cage’s ownership of the LaLaurie Mansion:

Location: The LaLaurie Mansion, also known as the LaLaurie House, is located at 1140 Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is infamous for its dark history and reputed hauntings.

History: The mansion was built in the early 1830s for Dr. Louis LaLaurie and his wife, Delphine LaLaurie. However, the property gained notoriety due to the cruel treatment of enslaved individuals by the LaLauries. A fire in 1834 revealed evidence of torture and mistreatment, leading to the couple’s escape and subsequent scandal.

Nicolas Cage’s Ownership: Nicolas Cage purchased the LaLaurie Mansion in 2007 for a reported sum of $3.45 million. He was reportedly drawn to the property’s historic significance and its reputation for being haunted.

Renovations and Plans: During Cage’s ownership, there were reports of plans to renovate the mansion. However, it’s unclear to what extent these renovations were carried out during his ownership.

Sale: Cage owned the property for several years but faced financial difficulties, leading to its eventual foreclosure. The mansion was later sold to a new owner.

Cultural Significance: The LaLaurie Mansion is considered one of the most haunted locations in New Orleans, and its dark history has inspired numerous books, films, and ghost stories. Despite its infamy, the mansion remains an architectural landmark in the French Quarter.

Nicolas Cage’s ownership of the LaLaurie Mansion added another chapter to its storied history, intertwining the legacy of a Hollywood actor with the infamous tales of the mansion’s past.


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