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Cleaned out of an old house. It’s about 2×4 ft and the holes are about the size of a marble. Looked like an old board game to me. Any other ideas ?

A questioner said:

Cleaned out of an old house. It’s about 2×4 ft and the holes are about the size of a marble. Looked like an old board game to me. Any other ideas ?

r/whatisthisthing - Cleaned out of an old house. It’s about 2x4 ft and the holes are about the size of a marble. Looked like an old board game to me. Any other ideas ?

Some of the comments:

  1. Looks like a homemade “Sorry” game to me.
  2. Homemade “Trouble” game, which is probably a copy of a traditional game.
  3. Looks like a home made version of a game I played in Switzerland. Translated the game means, “Human, don’t anger yourself”.
  4. It looks like a variation of Aggravation.
  5. Wahoo game board. Now you just need the marbles and dice.
  6. In Canada, it’s called “Tock”
  7. Kings Dog Board
  8. Could it be a Ludo Game board? Home made?
  9. Here in my zone of Mexico we call it “No te enojes” (don’t be angry), but normally, the marbles path is cross shaped.
  10. We called that “wahoo” in my house. I grew up playing it. My grandfather made several boards. You play it with marbles.
  11. Yesssss. We call it “jokers wild“ one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.
  12. My parents variation on this from the 60s that used 4 sets of same-colored marbles was called Aggravation.

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Anyone know what this is for? It came with my house from 1948. Measures about 4.5” x 5”. Front part lifts up. The only markings is a handwritten “50” on the back. Looks like it would have originally been black.

In the process of cleaning out an old house, tucked away amidst forgotten relics and dusty memories, a peculiar item emerged – a wooden board, approximately 2×4 feet in size, pockmarked with holes resembling those of a marble. Upon first glance, it appeared to be an old board game, its origins shrouded in mystery. Yet, as the mind wanders and imagines, other possibilities for its purpose begin to surface. What could this enigmatic object be?

The Puzzle Unfolds

At first sight, the board’s dimensions and hole patterns immediately evoke thoughts of a traditional board game. The evenly spaced holes, reminiscent of a grid, suggest a game of strategy and skill. Could it be an ancient precursor to modern favorites like chess or checkers? Or perhaps a regional variation of a classic game, passed down through generations?

A Gateway to the Past

Delving deeper into the board’s design, one cannot help but consider alternative theories. Could it have served a practical purpose beyond mere entertainment? Some speculate that it may have been a tool used in carpentry or woodworking, with the holes serving as guides for precise measurements or cuts. Others propose that it could have been part of a larger apparatus, such as a loom or weaving frame, aiding in the creation of intricate textiles.

An Artifact of Ingenuity

As speculation gives way to imagination, the possibilities for the board’s intended use multiply. Perhaps it was a device for navigation or mapping, with each hole representing a point of interest or geographic landmark. Alternatively, it could have been a teaching aid, used to impart knowledge in subjects ranging from mathematics to astronomy. The ingenuity and craftsmanship required to create such a versatile object are a testament to the resourcefulness of generations past.

Preserving the Past

Regardless of its original purpose, the discovery of the board serves as a reminder of the rich tapestry of history that lies hidden within the walls of old houses. As custodians of these relics, it is our responsibility to preserve and interpret them for future generations. Through careful examination and study, we can unlock the secrets of the past and gain a deeper understanding of the people and cultures that came before us.


The discovery of the board in the old house sparks curiosity and wonder, inviting us to speculate on its origins and purpose. Was it a game, a tool, or something else entirely? As we ponder the possibilities, we are reminded of the boundless creativity and ingenuity of the human spirit. Though its true nature may remain elusive, the board serves as a tangible link to the past, connecting us to those who came before and inspiring us to explore the mysteries that lie hidden within the world around us.


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