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This Abandoned Alabama Mansion Looks Like It’s Frozen in Time! See Inside! (VIDEO)

There’s just something about abandoned places that’s so hauntingly beautiful. These physical timestamps are an intimate look at a life that once was, which is likely what makes them so fascinating to look at—at least, that’s the case with one 19th-century Alabama mansion that’s going viral on TikTok for its resemblance to the home in the classic romance film “The Notebook.”

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Four grand columns make up the home’s neoclassical façade, which does, indeed, bear a resemblance to the house Noah Calhoun, played by Ryan Gosling, builds in the 2004 movie. A large porch with grand front windows only adds to the appeal. “‘Notebook’ vibes and I’m here for it,” says one commenter.

front entryway

The home’s front entryway.

The abandoned mansion looks as though it’s been frozen in time. With unopened mail littering the entryway, framed memories sitting on forgotten shelves, and deserted clothing hanging from the home’s many closets, it’s as though someone just walked out on it. “My dream house just rotting away,” writes one viewer.

entryway staircase

Grand staircase with a stained glass window.

The viral video, which has racked up more than 700k views on TikTok, was captured by real estate photographer and creator of the Instagram account @abandonednashville, Jeremy Abbott. The photographer regularly spends time visiting and capturing video and photo content of some of the country’s most interesting abandoned places, which is how he ended up at this Alabama home. “I heard rumors of this mansion and I had to go see for myself if what I had heard was true,” he tells House Beautiful.

With two floors and twelve-foot ceilings, the home is a sight to behold. The New York Post reports that the five-bedroom, two-bathroom home spans nearly 5,000 square feet and is situated on just under an acre of land. “I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I got there, but I was absolutely stunned at the beauty and decay of the marvelous mansion when I found it,” he says.

Despite its abandonment, the home is in relatively good condition. One of “the coolest features” in the home, according to Abbott, is a beautifully preserved stained glass window that sits atop a grand staircase in the entryway. “It’s such a rare thing to find inside of an abandoned building,” he says. “I also love the reading nook next to the blue downstairs fireplace,” he adds.

living room

Reading nook.

So, what exactly happened to the home? “I don’t know much about the home’s abandonment. It’s still a mystery to me,” says Abbott. Some users on TikTok seem to think that the supernatural might have played a role. “Gorgeous…but, I couldn’t do it! It’s probably haunted,” writes one user. “I’ve never gotten haunted vibes from a video until now,” adds another. But Abbott isn’t so sure. “I’m not sure where I stand on the belief in ghosts and the supernatural, but I will say this: every building has its own personality. Sometimes when I walk into an abandoned building, it feels welcoming, even though it can be quite dark and deserted. Other times, I step into an abandoned building and it feels grim and extremely uncomfortable to be there. When I was at this mansion, I felt like I was at home,” he says. So if there are ghosts, it seems like they’re the friendly kind. Casper, is that you?

abandoned living room

Living area.

As for the home’s future, there’s a lot we don’t know. “I was told by a town local that someone owns the house, but they live in New York so they hardly ever come and check on the state of the property.” For now, we’ll just have to hope that the home gets restored to its former glory.

Watch a full tour of the abandoned mansion below:


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