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Do I have bodies buried under my porch??

Do I Have Bodies Buried Under My Porch?


The title, “Do I Have Bodies Buried Under My Porch?” may initially evoke a range of reactions, from macabre curiosity to outright dismissal as a melodramatic or sensational topic. However, the notion of hidden secrets beneath one’s feet isn’t just the stuff of horror films and detective novels; it taps into a deep-seated human fascination with the unseen and the unknown. In this article, we’ll explore the psychological, historical, and practical aspects of this provocative question, dissecting why such thoughts occur and what they say about our society and psyche.

The Psychological Dimension

Fear of the Unknown

One of the fundamental aspects of human psychology is the fear of the unknown. This fear can manifest in various ways, from anxiety about the future to unease about hidden dangers in our immediate environment. The thought of something as horrifying as bodies buried under one’s porch plays into this fear. It raises unsettling questions: What if there’s something sinister just out of sight? What if our safe and familiar surroundings harbor dark secrets?

Imagination and Reality

Humans have an extraordinary capacity for imagination. This can be both a blessing and a curse. While it allows us to create art, literature, and innovations, it also means we can conjure up fears and scenarios that may have no basis in reality. The notion of bodies buried under the porch is a perfect example of how our imagination can run wild, especially when influenced by horror stories, urban legends, and crime news.

Historical Context

Notorious Cases

History is replete with tales of bodies discovered in unexpected places, which fuels modern fear and fascination. One of the most infamous cases is that of John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer who hid the remains of his victims under his house. Such high-profile cases have left an indelible mark on the collective consciousness, reinforcing the idea that the most horrifying secrets can be concealed in the most mundane places.

Urban Legends and Folklore

Urban legends and folklore also play a significant role in perpetuating the fear of hidden bodies. Stories of haunted houses, cursed lands, and secret burials are common across cultures. These narratives often serve as cautionary tales or moral lessons, warning people about the dangers of curiosity and the hidden evil that lurks in everyday life.

Practical Considerations

Home History

If you’re genuinely concerned about the possibility of bodies buried under your porch, the first step is to research the history of your home. Understanding who previously owned the property and any significant events that took place there can provide context. This information is often available through public records, local libraries, and historical societies.

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Structural Anomalies

Sometimes, structural anomalies in a house can raise suspicions. Uneven floors, strange smells, or unexplained dampness might suggest something unusual beneath the surface. However, these issues are more likely to be caused by plumbing problems, poor construction, or natural settling than anything sinister.

Professional Inspection

For peace of mind, consider hiring a professional inspector. A thorough inspection can identify any unusual disturbances in the soil or structural issues that might indicate something buried beneath your home. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a technology that can be used to detect objects buried underground, offering a non-invasive way to explore beneath your property.

Cultural Impact

Media Influence

Movies, television shows, and books heavily influence our perceptions and fears. The horror genre, in particular, thrives on the fear of the unknown and the hidden. Films like “Poltergeist” and “The Conjuring” have popularized the idea of haunted homes and sinister secrets buried within, making such scenarios seem more plausible in the public imagination.

Crime Dramas and Documentaries

The rise of true crime dramas and documentaries has also contributed to the fear of hidden bodies. Shows like “Mindhunter” and “Making a Murderer” delve into the minds of criminals and the details of their crimes, often highlighting the horrifying fact that evil can lurk just beneath the surface of normalcy.

Societal Reflections

Trust and Safety

The idea of bodies buried under a porch reflects deeper societal concerns about trust and safety. It underscores the uneasy realization that we may never fully know the people around us or the history of the places we inhabit. This fear can be amplified by societal issues such as crime rates, news reports, and even neighborhood rumors.

Moral and Ethical Considerations

There are also moral and ethical dimensions to this fear. The discovery of human remains is not just a legal issue but also a profoundly emotional and ethical one. It raises questions about respect for the dead, the responsibilities of property owners, and the community’s role in addressing such discoveries.

Steps to Take if You Discover Remains

Legal Obligations

If you do discover human remains under your porch, it is crucial to follow legal protocols. Immediately contact local law enforcement. Disturbing or attempting to move the remains can complicate investigations and potentially result in legal ramifications.

Community Support

Such a discovery can be traumatic. It’s important to seek support from your community, whether through friends, family, or professional counselors. Community resources, such as local victim support services, can provide emotional and practical assistance.

Respect and Sensitivity

Handling the situation with respect and sensitivity is paramount. Recognize that the remains may be part of a larger story involving missing persons or unresolved crimes. Cooperate fully with authorities to help bring closure to any affected families and communities.


While the question “Do I have bodies buried under my porch?” may seem extreme, it taps into deep-seated fears and societal issues. By understanding the psychological, historical, and practical aspects of this fear, we can better navigate the anxieties it provokes. Whether stemming from imagination, media influence, or genuine concern, addressing these fears with knowledge and action can provide peace of mind and ensure that our homes remain the safe havens they are meant to be.

In the end, the true terror lies not in the potential of hidden bodies but in the fear of the unknown itself. By shedding light on these dark corners of our psyche and society, we can demystify our fears and confront them with confidence and clarity.

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