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Found in a Marriott room – what is this wooden object? About 18 inches tall. Made of two curved wooden planks slotted together

A questioner said:

Found in a Marriott room – what is this wooden object? About 18 inches tall. Made of two curved wooden planks slotted together

r/whatisthisthing - Found in a Marriott room - what is this wooden object? About 18 inches tall. Made of two curved wooden planks slotted together

Some of the people opinions on it:

jackrats: It’s a magazine rack.

DistributionStock494: Actually looks like a small table with the glass top missing, there is an antislip strap on the top for the glass to sit on and not slip.

lwpho2: I’m not so sure about the magazine rack idea. Considering that it’s in a hotel room and there are not any magazines in it I think it might be a luggage stand.

twistedh8: For rolled up towels?

Imaginary_Daydream: Actually I am thinking this is a stand to put your suitcase on and unpack.

CarinasHere: Did you ask the hotel?

m0ta: What country are you in? If you flipped it over it looks like it could be a fixed rehal.

Wild_and_Bright: My title describes the object. Thanks to all who have already responded.

Slijmslet: Looks like a bag holder like you find in Japanese restaurants/hotels.

JLimGarfield: Possibly a purse or briefcase holder?

Neat-Possibility6504: I think this is actually a stand to put a room service tray on. It’s too big to be a magazine rack and OP said there’s already a luggage stand elsewhere.

nooneyouknow73: Upside down foot stool?

MessiahMogali: It looks to me like a rack for rolled up towels.

WorldOfLavid: It’s just art. Don’t overthink it.

revtim: I believe magazine rack is the correct answer but before I saw that suggested I would have guessed it was simply art.

GrueneDog: Firewood holder.

Bzaps11: Coffee table base?

Final-Beginning3300: Definitely not a magazine rack.

Pyramid-World: I was thinking it could be an end table without the top.

Present_Annual_2149: Towel or magazine rack.

SilentClem: Maybe to hold a duvet?

countdookee: Magazine or book holder?

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During a recent stay at a Marriott hotel, a guest stumbled upon a curious wooden object in their room. This intriguing piece, standing about 18 inches tall, is constructed from two elegantly curved wooden planks that slot together seamlessly. With its unique design and craftsmanship, the object has sparked curiosity and speculation among those who encounter it.

Potential Uses and Functions

At first glance, the object’s purpose isn’t immediately apparent. However, several theories have emerged regarding its function:

Decorative Art Piece: The object could simply be a piece of modern art or a decorative item designed to add a touch of sophistication to the hotel room’s ambiance. Its elegant curves and smooth finish make it aesthetically pleasing.

Magazine or Book Holder: The shape and size suggest it could serve as a stylish magazine or book holder. The slots created by the intersecting planks could neatly accommodate reading materials, keeping them organized and accessible.

Tablet or Device Stand: Given the prevalence of technology, another plausible use is as a stand for tablets or other electronic devices. Its sturdy construction and ergonomic design would provide a stable support for guests using their devices.

Furniture Component: It’s possible the object is part of a larger piece of furniture that was inadvertently left out or misplaced. It could be a support or stand for a more complex structure.

Religious or Cultural Artifact: In some cultures, objects with such designs have specific ceremonial or religious significance. It might be a modern interpretation of a traditional item.

Material and Craftsmanship

The object’s craftsmanship is notable. Made from high-quality wood, it exhibits a level of attention to detail and skill in its construction. The curves are smooth and precise, indicating it was likely crafted by an experienced artisan or produced using advanced woodworking techniques.


The wooden object found in the Marriott room remains a delightful mystery, sparking imagination and curiosity. Whether it’s a piece of art, a functional item, or something else entirely, it adds an element of intrigue to the guest’s stay. The discovery serves as a reminder of the small wonders that can be found in unexpected places, encouraging us to look a little closer at the world around us.

Have you encountered a similar object, or do you have an idea of what it might be? Share your thoughts and theories with us!

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