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Large metal attachment found on a farm. Made by allied farm equipment. What is it used for?

A questioner said:
Large metal attachment found on a farm. Made by allied farm equipment. What is it used for?

r/whatisthisthing - Large metal attachment found on a farm. Made by allied farm equipment.

r/whatisthisthing - Large metal attachment found on a farm. Made by allied farm equipment.

r/whatisthisthing - Large metal attachment found on a farm. Made by allied farm equipment.

More info from the questioner:

I didn’t measure it but it’s roughly the size of a pallet. About 3 or 4 feet tall. Heavy. I assume it’s used with a tractor but I’m looking for a real description of how it was used.

Some of the people opinions on it:

Graflex01867: Maybe a rock sifter? You dump a bucket of dirt on it, the dirt falls through, the tray collects the rocks. It looks like it has the right pins for the 3-point lift in the rear of a tractor.

dvdmaven: It’s a framed harrow used for leveling soil, mole hills, spreading manure, etc.

Repulsive-Rate-29: Yep, that’s it!

FunctionalGray: Perhaps it’s a grader for flattening out trails. We used them on the farm when we would get ruts during periods of heavy rain. You can load up the grated area with rocks to get more mass.

PychoSealLover: It looks like a sluice box set up for gold panning. But the Allied Farming Equipment INC is throwing me off.

DazedLogic: Is it meant to be dragged behind a tractor to separate sand or dirt from rocks or something?

Endymion_NSFW: This was my immediate thought, it’s a sled of some kind, most likely something home-made to keep up trail path maintenance.

Kookabanus: Ok, so it has a three-point linkage which means it is an attachment for a tractor. It also has a hook at the other end suggesting it can be used to drag or lift. Although not quite the same as mine, I would still suggest that this is a “carry all” used for multiple functions around the farm. Very useful for carrying equipment for fencing.

LastAd3677: There’s a fishing net next to it, my guess is that it’s an otter board used to make sure the mouth of the net is opened as it’s dragged through the water.

Selash: Maybe a weight rack for the back of a small bucket tractor. Mount it to the 3-point hitch on the back, pile a bunch of stones or what have you on it, and then you can lift more with the front bucket without the tractor tipping forward.

DazedLogic: Some kind of scraper?

angus_the_red: Part of a sheep dip solution maybe?

nailgun198: I can’t gauge the size; what about an old grille guard for the front of a big tractor?

manleybones: Potato shaker.

trueblue862: Around here it’s called a carry-all. It goes on the 3-point linkage and has many uses including carrying random stuff on the back of your tractor. Doing fencing, use a carry-all, need to cut down some trees, load your chainsaw and some fuel onto the carry-all. Etcetera.

urbansith: Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas. I’m going to go with a carry-all of some sort until I can find a definitive answer.

Fair_Alternative6191: Hook it on a vehicle and drag it around on some dirt.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment!

Mysterious Large Metal Attachment Found on Farm

Discovery and Description

While exploring an old family farm, a curious large metal attachment was discovered, made by Allied Farm Equipment. Approximately the size of a pallet, standing about 3 to 4 feet tall, and heavy enough to require machinery to move, this intriguing piece seems to be designed for use with a tractor. Despite its imposing presence, its exact purpose remains unclear, prompting a deeper investigation into its potential functions and history.

Physical Characteristics

Size: Comparable to a standard pallet, roughly 3 to 4 feet tall.

Weight: Significantly heavy, indicating it was designed to be used with substantial equipment, likely a tractor.

Material: Constructed from durable metal, showcasing signs of wear and usage, which hints at its utility on the farm.

Possible Functions and Uses

Based on its size, construction, and manufacturer, several theories about the attachment’s purpose have emerged:

Front-End Loader Attachment: The attachment might be part of a front-end loader system, used for lifting and moving heavy materials such as hay bales, soil, or equipment. Its size and weight are consistent with attachments designed for robust agricultural tasks.

Implement for Plowing or Tilling: It could be an attachment used for plowing or tilling soil. Allied Farm Equipment produced various tillage implements, and this piece could have been used to prepare fields for planting by breaking up and turning over the soil.

Bale Handler: Given its dimensions, it might have been used to handle large bales of hay or straw. Attachments designed for this purpose often include prongs or clamps to securely lift and transport bales.

Subsoiler or Ripper: Another possibility is that the attachment is a subsoiler or ripper, used to break up compacted soil layers beneath the surface. These implements are crucial for improving soil drainage and root penetration.

Grading or Leveling Implement: The attachment could be used for grading or leveling land. This function would be essential for preparing fields, maintaining roads, or creating even surfaces for various agricultural activities.

Manufacturer Background: Allied Farm Equipment

Allied Farm Equipment is known for producing a wide range of agricultural machinery and attachments. Their products are designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of farm operations. The company has a reputation for durability and reliability, making their equipment a common sight on farms across the country.

Context and Historical Use

Given its aged appearance, the attachment likely dates back several decades. During this time, farms relied heavily on versatile and rugged equipment to manage various tasks. Attachments like the one found were integral to the daily operations, allowing farmers to adapt their tractors to different roles quickly.

Seeking Expert Insights

To gain a clearer understanding of the attachment’s specific use, the family is reaching out to agricultural experts and enthusiasts who might recognize the piece. By sharing detailed descriptions and images, they hope to uncover the attachment’s original purpose and how it contributed to farm life.


The large metal attachment found on the farm is a testament to the ingenuity and hard work of past agricultural practices. Its exact function remains a mystery, but with further investigation and the input of knowledgeable individuals, the family hopes to uncover its history and significance. If you have any information or theories about this intriguing piece of farm equipment, your insights would be greatly appreciated!

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