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Round gold 4-6” puffy ball thing between door and storm door. Does anyone know what this may be?? It’s on an old house my friend bought.

A questioner said:
Round gold 4-6” puffy ball thing between door and storm door. Does anyone know what this may be?? It’s on an old house my friend bought.

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The metal isn’t solid and has a few dents

Some of the people opinions on it:

sweetdaisy99999: It’s a door stopper. This keeps the door knobs from putting a hole in the wall it touches when open.

jlhkd: Look under it and see if there’s a hole where a string comes out. I have something that looks just like this and it has a string you pull out and it plays nursery rhymes.

TheModernCurmudgeon: Take the screws off and see what’s underneath?

dfnick: Maybe a kick knocker? It looks pretty worn in like it’s been hit a lot.

Gritts911: My guess is that it’s a reused door and they used the dome to cover up some kind of hardware. You would need to take out the 3 screws and look.

SmoothRollinPsycphrm: Door bumper.

SharpBake4500: My title describes this thing. The metal isn’t solid and has a few dents.

11FoxtrotCharlie: It looks like a door doom. Decorative, found in India or originating from there. Google “brass door doom” and different styles appear. With all the dents on it, it appears that this one may have been repurposed with maybe a door close magnet on the outer door to keep it shut if the outer screen didn’t have a latch.

leftwar0: Wonder if they had a dog that would scratch it like a doorbell or something like that. If you tap it with a butter knife does it sound like a bell?

Acetabulum99: Is it possibly an old magnetic door holder? There would have been a peg with a magnet to attach to hold the door with some light strength.

Aayoo_riverr: Maybe a bumper for vacuuming or moving something around with wheels?

FoxxyRin: Is it actually screwed on or anything? It looks like a Nespresso pod to me. Who knows how it would have gotten stuck if it is one but I’ve seen sillier things happen.

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When moving into a new or old house, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon unusual items or architectural quirks. One such curiosity that has perplexed a friend of mine involves a round gold 4-6 inch puffy ball found wedged between the door and the storm door of an old house they recently purchased. Naturally, this discovery has sparked a mix of intrigue and confusion. So, what exactly could this mysterious object be?

1. Decorative Element from the Past

One possibility is that this puffy gold ball is a decorative element that was popular in a certain period. Old houses often come with unique embellishments that reflect the styles and preferences of their eras. This could be a door knocker, a finial, or an ornamental knob that once served as both a functional and decorative feature.

2. Insulation or Weatherproofing Solution

In older homes, unconventional methods were sometimes used for insulation or weatherproofing. This gold ball could be a form of insulation that was placed there to prevent drafts from entering through the door gaps. While modern insulation materials are typically more subtle and efficient, this could be a creative solution from a bygone era.

3. Artistic Installation

Another theory is that the ball might be an art piece or a whimsical installation by a previous owner. People often infuse their homes with personal touches that reflect their artistic sensibilities. This golden puffy ball could have been an attempt to add a unique aesthetic element to an otherwise ordinary door.

4. An Artifact with Cultural or Historical Significance

There’s also a chance that this object holds cultural or historical significance. It could be a traditional item from a particular culture or a relic from a specific historical period. Researching the history of the house and its previous owners might provide clues about its origins and purpose.

5. A Practical Joke or Misplaced Item

Lastly, it’s possible that this puffy gold ball is simply the result of a practical joke or an item that was inadvertently left behind. Maybe it was part of a holiday decoration or a child’s toy that found its way into this odd location.

What to Do Next?

If you find yourself in possession of such an enigma, here are a few steps you can take to uncover its mystery:

Research the House’s History: Look into the background of the house and its previous owners. Local historical societies or archives can provide valuable insights.

Consult with Experts: Reach out to antique appraisers, historians, or local craftsmen who might recognize the object.

Check for Markings: Examine the ball closely for any maker’s marks, stamps, or other identifying features that could offer clues.

Ask the Community: Sometimes, crowdsourcing information from online forums or social media groups dedicated to historical homes or antiques can yield surprising results.

Preserve It: Until you determine its purpose and value, handle the object with care. It could be more significant than it initially appears.

In conclusion, while the round gold 4-6 inch puffy ball between the door and storm door of your friend’s new old house remains a mystery, exploring its origins and purpose can be an exciting journey into the past. Whether it turns out to be a decorative feature, an insulation attempt, an art piece, a cultural artifact, or a forgotten toy, discovering its story will undoubtedly add a fascinating chapter to the history of the home.


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